Built in 1912, Fire Station №17 served Portland's Alphabet District for 56-57 years before it was decommissioned and eventually became a private home. Following an extensive restoration, the station has been returned to mostly period-appropriate condition (while meeting contemporary building codes), and now in 2022, like many properties following the popular model of Airbnb... The former firehouse is available to book as a vacation rental... And for October it has been given a distinct Ghostbusting flare.

Vacation rental company Vacasa has joined forces with Sony Pictures to offer a unique three-night stay in Fire Station №17, which has been decorated with an assortment of Ghostbusters-themed paraphernalia: including a no-ghost logo sign hung outside, an Ecto-1 replica, Proton Packs, and even a Containment Unit in the basement.

The accommodation can take up to five guests, who will have access to two private bedrooms, working kitchen, rec/living room, and a garage featuring the Ecto-1 replica.

The listing is scheduled to go live on the 21st of October at 10am Pacific Time, and the themed rental will be available for the period of October 28th-31st at the rate of $19.84 per night (local taxes and fees will apply).

To view the post-restoration photos of Fire Station №17, please visit this site.
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