By Cenzor
Anyone have links for a good PKE meter holder for belt and/or radio on amazon or smthing?
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By mardin_chatzuk
I use a leather tape-measure holster similar to this one: ... 07MSFP2VZ/

Just remove the strap that would secure the tape measure, and stick the PKE meter's handle through the opening at the bottom. Can't say whether this exact one would fit well (you should check its dimensions and measure your meter to compare), but the one I have fits the Matty PKE quite well.
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By Beelzebot
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I used a grenade pouch I found at the local army surplus store. Like the one in the link below. I cut off the flap, cut a larger hole in the bottom and painted it black. The pouch was under $10 locally. ... R4aW1p2DYQ
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By gman666
I used the tape measurement holder also and removed the strap. I had to open the hole up in the bottom to get the square PKE meter handle thru. You also have to dye them black but I had the black dye for this and the ghost trap/gizmo holsters. ... ct_details


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By Holydohnut
I made my own!


The leather offcuts came from ebay and the "studs" from amazon. Happy to post the dimensions if it helps?
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By Corbidorbidoodle
I use a Husky tape measure holder from Home Depot. It's almost perfect and was like, $8. I had to use a razor blade to cut a bigger hole in the bottom for the meter to sit in, and I peeled off the Husky logo and added a little caution striping. You can see the yellow electrical tape I wrapped the handle with on my belt there.


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