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By Kingpin
Photo Credit: Central Oklahoma Ghostbusters

While attending a signing event at this year's Arkansas Comic Con, Ghostbusters: Afterlife actor Logan Kim, decked out in his Podcast uniform from the film, was presented with a special gift: A full-size, fan-built replica of the Spengler Proton Pack prop from the movie.

The project was a substantial collaboration: built by Austin Young, organised by the Yes Have Some Podcast and the Central Oklahoma Ghostbusters, with contributions and collaborations by noted community members Matthew Burkit, Cole Funseth, AJ Quick, Charles Fincher, Kris Karlsson & Mike Seiders among others.

This presentation follows in the footsteps of the 2008 project to present original Ghostbusters actor Ernie Hudson with his own Proton Pack replica.

Full video from Yes Have Some Podcast is here:

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jonogunn wrote: September 13th, 2022, 4:22 am I’m not familiar with the faces of the known gbfans members who created this. Who’s who in the video?
The guy in the baseball cap is Austin Young, the three in the car are the YHS podcast folk, and the lady with curly hair at the con is a friend of Austin's/ fellow member of the franchise he's in
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By mburkit
Venkman1984 wrote: September 17th, 2022, 8:58 pm Matt is that the pack you posted on YouTube or did you make one for yourself?
No, the pack that is on my YouTube channel is my own Afterlife Pack. The electronics are slightly different. I am lucky that I just wrapped up that project. The only video on YouTube (that I know of) of Logan's pack is on the Yes Have Some podcast channel which is what was linked in the original post of this thread.
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Hey, Central Arkansas Ghostbusters co-founder here! We had a booth at this con and we noticed Kim had the pack on Sunday! We were wondering who had gifted him the pack when the news blew up all over the net!

I dunno if THC was at our booth but we really appreciated what they did for Logan.

We had given both Logan Kim, and Tara Strong who was also at the con, honorary membership into our local franchise and patches. And while this gift definitely overshadowed ours, it was a treat to share in and witness the event secondhand.

Anything to get Arkansas and our con out there, I say, is awesome!
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I watch Graig and the gang for toys stories often however it's always great to see them get back on the GB train for things here and there and Logan I'm sure will treasure it as he did keep the flight suit...He might not be in future films for GB so I don't blame him for wanting to have a pack weather a gift or not. It's great that Austin and the others including AJ and others here helped. Great work all around.

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