Discuss the upcoming 4th movie, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire to be released in March 2024.
Hairy Biker wrote: June 29th, 2022, 4:59 pm I dont get the Superbowl thing. Whys it so important?
I mean... I get that it was a big event to debut trailers in 10, 15, 20 years ago... Having a big captive audience and all, but it's importance has kinda waned somewhat given the free billboard of the internet and social media - where you can re-watch it instantly over and over again.
Im not sure what to expect at this point..lol..jasons so unpredictable.

I hope we get at least a “ecto tarp” type teaser or an official teaser poster by the end of July, no title reveal yet, just visuals and release date (It be almost the same time frame between jan 2019 to june 2020)

I dunno why everyone keeps predicting a Superbowl trailer..thats never happened for any film to my knowledge..(at least since the internet and being old enough to follow movie hype) trailers just kinda drop on youtube when the filmmakers feel it should be.
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Some studios like Marvel Studios is using shorter lead times with promotion like with Thor: Love and Thunder which comes out July 8 and they only released the first teaser in April. I could see for this sequel, a cast announcement for GB Day 2023, Trailer #1 in late July, Trailer #2 in October and a spoiler filled Trailer #3 in November. But it would be cool if they did a quick initial teaser like they did with Afterlife and the barn in January 2019. In this case, maybe a similar camera pan from the top of the stairs down to the basement and someone working on the Containment Unit.
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mrmichaelt wrote: June 29th, 2022, 11:58 pm Some studios like Marvel Studios is using shorter lead times with promotion like with Thor: Love and Thunder which comes out July 8 and they only released the first teaser in April. I could see for this sequel, a cast announcement for GB Day 2023, Trailer #1 in late July, Trailer #2 in October and a spoiler filled Trailer #3 in November.
Marvel's on a different schedule than most others though, Doctor Strange was just last month so they had to give that some room before ramping up the Thor promotion. The trailer dates make sense but I would expect cast announcements within the next few months honestly, especially if they're planning on starting production before the end of the year. Assuming they'll be at least partially filming in NYC (or any city subbing for NY) we shouldn't expect the same amount of secrecy that Afterlife had while shooting in small, rural areas of Canada.
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I don't think we will see a trailer for a while. Earlier this month, Jason and Gil said they were still writing the script. My guess is that the script will be finished by the end of the summer and that shooting will begin this fall and wrap in December. We should see a bare-bones trailer in February 2023, which I doubt would be shown during the Super Bowl. I think it's more likely that it would be released on social media accounts and the studio would rely on word of mouth to get that circulated. I would venture a guess that on Ghostbusters Day 2023 we will get the release of the tie-in comic, and/or a second trailer. Then in November we'll see a third trailer with a marketing blitz leading up to December 20.
Jason Reitman has told The Hollywood Reporter that they had the story for this sequel before they even finished Afterlife. Which is not surprising. They did not put that tease at the end with Winston for no reason. Also that long delay gave them time to think about the future after the movie was out. So it makes total sense this moving forward so quickly. It would have been worrying if we hear nothing about this all year.

Also I hate to be morbid but Ivan’s death is a reminder that cast and crew of the original movies are not getting younger. Hopefully Ernie has many, many, many years left. But you can never assume that either. Best to take advantage of the momentum they have now. From my experience Anniversaries surrounding movie releases only matter to the hard core fandom. The general public does not care. They want sequels sooner than later.
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Davideverona wrote: June 29th, 2022, 3:12 pm If I have to guess:

- casting announce in September
- filming from October to January
- teaser trailer during the Superbowl
- first official trailer in Summer 2023
- promotion picks up steam around Halloween 2023.


- this time they'll not be so secretive about plot details concerning original cast members.
I would not bet on the Superbowl thing just because Sony doesn't seem to care to spend their money there.

I also expect we're mostly getting Ernie and Annie in this one, with an extended cameo from Dan.
SpaceBallz wrote:They're definitely using sets for the interiors of the Firehouse. There's no way they'll be able to film with those renovations going on.
Agreed, I was also thinking they will likely have build a replica set like the crew did for Answer The Call after they were unable to find a 1:1 firehouse in Boston. I guess there's a slim chance they can find a firehouse but depends on what states they are filming in if it's just NY or others, if there even are any firehouses left that are a perfect match to the LA and NY ones, and logistics, etc.

I love love Afterlife! I think its only flaw is in the way it handled the OG characters (save for Egon) ..otherwise, Great film.

Going in i wasn't expecting the OGs to be in it a whole bunch………..but i also wasnt expecting them to pop in halfway through the climax.

And i love Winston getting some character development at the end.

I hope the next film dives a little deeper to their older selves..at least with Ray and Winston.
One time wrote: July 3rd, 2022, 4:58 pm I hope to God we get to see more scenes with the OGBs in this one. Venkman’s speech at the end of GB: Afterlife was the best part of the film.

It felt painfully forced. The problem is the filmmakers just didn’t care about how the original characters fit in. “They just show up and the fans will clap and bark like seals”.

Big moments in movies are often about set up. The movies biggest mistake is having the OGB’s show up out of nowhere. If you have that ending, where the GB’s show up… set it up. Show me the characters. And I’m not just talking as a GBfan who loves these characters. I’m talking about basic storytelling 101.

You HAVE to show Ray going to Venkman/Winston.

Honestly, the best part of the original cast comes AFTER Gozer. The Ray/podcast moment and the Venkman Phoebe moment.

The worst is when Winston does the “tools & talent” line. God that makes me cringe. Why? Why have him say that? Because it’s the thing he said in 1984? Again the filmmakers think “oh! Oh! Have Winston say the thing! the fans will bark & slap their fins together just like seals”

Why? Why is it so hard to get a Ghostbusters movie right? One took nothing seriously and tried too hard to be funny and the other takes everything too seriously and doesn’t try at all to be funny.

Ugh. It shouldn’t be this hard.
Maybe we get this in the next one. It could even be the resolution of a problem lingering between the characters.

You know, the guys reopen the business but they don't feel like going on the field again and they hire a new team.

Phoebe comes to visit and is really bummed that they didn't call her and Podcast.

RAY: "Listen, you're still too young, I don't want to send you out there, it's too dangerous..."

PHOEBE: "I defeated Gozer!!!!"

RAY: "yes, well... You successfully put in motion a plan devised by your grandfather"

PHOEBE: "and what about you?? You guys ARE the Ghostbusters!!"

RAY: "no no no...I have a bad knee... Winston has to take care of the financial side of the business and Venkman... is Venkman. It was good but now it's over."

Something big happens in the finale, Ray again refuse to pick up the pack. Phoebe and Podcast go out with the new team.

The OGBs are watching a livestream, things go really bad. They look at each other.

VENKMAN:" Just promise me, for God's sake, this is really the last time"

They suit up and go out.
One time wrote: July 3rd, 2022, 4:58 pm I hope to God we get to see more scenes with the OGBs in this one. Venkman’s speech at the end of GB: Afterlife was the best part of the film.

You know when the Afterlife sequel was announced, I thought okay Awesome. This is the natural course. I thought Aftetlife was an incredible send off to the OG characters. Definitely everything I could have hoped and much more from a legacy sequel.

I can understand how some of the fans here may have felt the OGs involvement was shoe horned. I get that. I enjoyed their involvement very much though. They were the sweetest tasting member berries I ever had. Wonderful send off for Egon.

I figured Firehouse was something I was going to enjoy, but not nearly as much as Afterlife since I am sure the idea is to move away from the legacy characters in order for the franchise to expand further. Again natural course. I knew that Dan and Ernie would be involved in Firehouse and if all goes well future projects. I figure beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bill would be done with the franchise. His presence in Afterlife is nothing short of a miracle and he was very generous with his time. However I got to thinking, would Bill Murray be willing to be in this new movie to honor Ivan Reitman’s memory much the same way they honored Harold’s. If he shows up I am not really expecting him to suit up again, but it would totally blow my mind if he did.

LOL! I never thought I would be having this kind of conversation post Afterlife, but it is fun to think and talk about. I am not expecting Bill Murray to be in it or suit up, but if he is and he does indeed suit up just one last time, I think his screen time will be as big as Afterlife or maybe less. Many here would probably role their eyes at this and understandably so. If he shows up it would probably be for the climax again.

That is just a thought, but the most realistic outcome is that Bill is done. Unless Jason and Gil write another script that is so good he just can’t refuse. Either way very glad that the iron is hot and that another movie is coming. I guess almost anything can happen at this point. :):):)
I think some of us wants a last big hurrah for the original Ghostbusters because Afterlife wasn't it.

It didn't close their circles, only the Egon's one. They appeared suited up (after years away from ghostbusting), shooted at Gozer and made sure everyone was ok. It wasn't a "ok, they're ready to pass the torch" scene.

Quite the opposite: Ray promised a guest appearance on Podcast podcast, Peter introduced himself as being "from the home office". Winston brought back the Ecto-1 to CLEAN HER UP and brought back the Firehouse. It doesn't sound like and ending to me. Not at all.

That's why I think we'll see it in the next movie. They reopen the business, teach the kids/new team/Grooberson / how to run it and how to deal with the supernatural on a daily basis and THEN they'll give the Ecto keys to the new generation.
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