Discuss Ghostbusters: Afterlife, released on November 19, 2021 and directed by Jason Reitman.
By iamroguesniper
Don't know if i need to give a spoiler warning or not. Still about a week from DVD release but I caught a continuity error the first time I saw the movie and couldn't unsee it the next 2 times. Just before leaving the mine, Phoebes shirt is buttoned wrong with the right side of the collar being higher. In the next scene at the house with her mom, the collar is level.
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By Kingpin
Spoilers can be discussed now as it's been two months since Afterlife came out.

I'd not noticed that one, but costume errors do happen, sometimes on small levels, sometimes on big ones (one I recall from Ghostbusters was the black square was missing from the inside of the elbow pad in some scenes, one from Ghostbusters II is that when Winston breaks down the door to save Egon and Ray from the Vigo-started fire, his uniform is missing the logo patch from the arm.

Another continuity error I spotted is when Wrecto-1 is driving to the mine/temple to confront Gozer, there's a moment when the emergency lights are seen inactive, but the shots bookending this shot did have the lights going.

What likely happened is the production used some footage from the Muncher chase and inserted it into a later moment in the film. There are a couple of other moments where Wrecto's lights are off when it's arrived at Egon's farm... But we've been having continuity issues with the car's lights going back to the first two movies. :)
By gerv
Ectos lights are on and off in several scenes, when they pass the cafe the internal view of ecto going past shows the lights on yet when they turn the corner theyre off. Also at the end when they pull into the farm they get out and the lights are off yet on again seconds later

Some people have tried to put this down as not continuity errors but the movie showing ectos wiring is faulty....kinda reaching there to say the least.
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By Wafflerobot
I posted this in another thread but it is probably better here:

When Phoebe firsts finds Egon's flight suit, you can see what i think is a slinky on the left side of the screen
The camera then shows her reaction then cuts back to the suit showing her to take out a crunch bar wrapper. The slinky (or whatever is is) is gone:
After another shot of Phoebe, we see the suit a third time as she's taking out Egon's glasses and the slinky is back again
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