In other words, what things do you see people getting wrong because that's what people used to think was accurate like 10-15 years ago?

As an example, if you do research for correct web belt color, you'll see tons of discussions from like 2007-2009 that say gray. But then if you really look deep you'll find some information that shows it was actually khaki. But I constantly see gray belts on everyone and even in the new movie.
From what I remember (and I could be wrong):

-GB1 name tag patches sizes, esp. height (Even Blitzway got them wrong on their boxes)

-The info on the inner workings of the pack electronics and wand (pop mechanism, etc) that was uncovered when the buyer of the screen used GB1 Spengler pack allowed someone to take it apart (I forgot who). There should be a link here somewhere.

-Some new info on the GB1 trap that got uncovered after the prop store auction sold one. (The metal lock on the trap doors, the remote control, and a few orher things)

-Obviously the Afterlife details: showing us how the wand really connected to the hose with the Neutrik attachment instead of zipties. The Afterlife pack switch, Afterlife crank gen switch, although that last one I don’t know if it would have been on the ‘84, ‘89 packs (in canon) etc.

-(Old news) that the wand bargraph didn’t scroll up and down endlessly but reflected the power output chosen with the power adjust dial. (2014 with Matty wand).
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