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By GBFans
This topic was created to leave feedback for GBFans Shop Feedback.

Please leave feedback for this person if you have completed a transaction with them recently. Remember to keep things factual and relavent to the discussion. Do not comment if you do not have a reason to (ex. you haven't had a transcation with them), and remember once a comment is submitted you will not be able to edit it. We also do not remove feedback unless it violates a rule, so do not be afraid to leave an honest opinion!
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By AJ Quick
Please post all feedback for orders placed with the GBProps Shop. If you have any problems I urge you to contact me before posting any feedback!

Also make sure to review your order here:
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By christphern
I ordered two Legris straight fittings, and 1/4" split loom. The shipping was fast, the parts were excellent, and the price more than reasonable. I still can't believe you were able to find that many real Legris. I highly recommend buying with GBProps. You won't be disappointed.

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By Mikv
What a shop!!!!!!!!!! Great Aj, everything packed carefully and in perfect order, super fast shipping here in Italy too!!!!!!!!!
I still can't believe that now i can find all those correct parts in few click!
See you soon Aj for another order! Greetings from Italy.

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By cplbeaudoin
Received complete order of:

9x Clippard Elbows
6x Clippard Hose Barbs
6x Legris Straight Fittings
3x RH 50
3x RH 25
2x PH 25
3x Cable Clamps
3x Crank Knobs
... and a shitload of Ribbon Cable

Thanks pal!
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By Leon Zundinger
Got your shipment to the Netherlands today, AJ. Very quick!
The stuff is in perfect condition and at a great price.
Be sure to get more orders from me in the future. Keep up the good work!

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By jfgadoury
Hi AJ,

Sent you my order at the end of last week ??? Received it this morning wich is thuesday !!! COOL Stuff was nicely packed and well protected. Item shiped here in canada on top of that !!!

Best Regards and thanks a lot, looking forward to make business with you again !
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By Nick
Nice work Mr Quick.
I'm an English prop-maker in the UK, and I got my stuff a couple of days ago (everything available needed for 1 pack, minus positron glider). I'm very satisfied with my purchases. It was a prompt delivery time and good communication too.
A few weeks back I got stiffed for £20 by Her Majesty's finest customs men on the excise duty (tax) on an ebay-sourced Alice Pack frame which was only worth £22 in the first place, so it was nice to see you marking up the value appropriately on the envelope. As I say, nice work.
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By frankfish01
I suppose after 3 shipments to me, last name is getting slightly easier to not jumble over, huh? once again, friend, a nice quick transaction and shipment...the pack looks great with the new tubing. Thanks! we may do business again soon...depending on how much more OCD i get in the near future :)
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By Charnel
Got my parts today. Very nice and quick. Thanks
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By Stantz1981
Got my parts today. My second order from the "Heaven Sent" GBprops shop. Extremely fast turn over & delivery to the UK. Well packed & items as shown. Long may the shop remain open & hope that it grows!!! Thanks AJ
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By gbfreak2021
AJ getting any new belts soon. I just ruined my second belt and I don't really feel like dyeing any more money the wrong color.
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