By djsparky
I decided to finally build a trap. I have to say, it was a lot of fun, and I would highly recommend it. "Everyone needs a hobby" I was told once, best advice ever.

Originally, I was going to only build the trap, but after getting the amazing electronic kit, I had to build the pedal. I did get the JupiterElectronics lighting kit at first, but then I discovered ElettricZan kit. It does it all, sound, smoke, lights, motors, and wireless switch (for the pedal). Just amazing.

This has a few people's work in it:

Throwing Chicken
Ghostbusters Hero Ghost Trap Kit

Ghost Trap Deluxe Hardware Kit
Ghost Trap & Pedal Labels
Ghost Trap Hose
Ghost Trap Pedal Standard Hardware Kit
Ghost Trap Vector Plate
Ghost Trap Pedal Deluxe Hardware Kit
Ghost Trap 3D Pedal Parts

Electronic board for trap ghostbusters

Harbor Freight
12v rechargeable battery

Misc. stuff, magnets, barrel connectors, etc.
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By djsparky

I had to modify Throwing Chicken's trap. The mechanism for the cartridge release didn't work with his later redesign of the handle and mount. The cartridge was too high, and the rocker was too long. I'm not a 3d printer guy, so I abandoned it. I also abandoned the metal rods with springs that push the cartridge out. Again, the redesign of the box made them very hard to install due to more material, probably to strengthen the handle, which is a good choice. I added two round magnets to the box and some pan head screws on the cartridge so it will stay secure.
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By djsparky

This was just an amazingly fun build, and fun to play with. I am not a vape-er and I wanted to research refilling the pre-filled fluid that came with the kit, and it seems people put all sorts of crap into their personal vapes, but I did find that smoke machine fluid is perfectly find for this kit. And it's been safe enough to test for theater actor unions. I ended up using a high density fluid, the trap doesn't smoke like the movie, that would require a specialized smoking trap.

The VGA connector connects the switch and the red light to the cartridge, the button on the handle of the trap is 'for future use'. When I didn't think I'd make a pedal, I imagined using that button. I took out one of the bottom buttons on the front of the cartridge and made it a barrel connector, so I can charge the battery without taking the whole thing apart.

The electronics kit also comes with a potentiometer which I shortened its shaft and made it the round knob on the front of the trap. It only does two things, 99% of the knob turning is remote control, and 1 part does an automatic function.
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By djsparky

I still need to clean up the inside a bit. I just wanted to let it be for a bit before I make more things permanent. I'll add a screen to diffuse the guts. The problem with the battery in the cartridge is the lights are very close to the doors. I was tempted to put the battery into the back, where the red light is, but that space is snug also.

I did add some white reflector tape inside the doors, not for the look, but to help reflect light around rooms when it is dark.

Doing all this in a cartridge trap was difficult, but was way fun.

I also think someone should make a ghost trap as a cremation urn.
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By djsparky
And yes, I know the red light isn't accurate. I found these awesome old school lights and really wanted to use that instead. I just retrofitted the LED instead of the tungsten lamp. It's my trap, and it is one of the things that personalizes this trap to me.
By djsparky
I’ll see what I can do. But the electronics kit rocks. I can’t say enough about it. He did such a great job on it. To combine all that tech into one thing, just so amazing.
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By mardin_chatzuk
djsparky wrote: December 7th, 2022, 2:23 pm
mardin_chatzuk wrote: November 25th, 2022, 2:48 pm What a beauty! Impressive work. Any chance we could see a video of it in action?
I found out I can put a small video on imgur, so here you go. (with sound too).
I'm not sure if there is a better way to post it on here, so here goes:
Fantastic! Thanks for that. So cool.
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By jtang54
This is really cool. I'm working on trying to get electronics into my trap. I'm having a lot of difficulty and your build looks perfect. I have a lot of questions. Would you be willing to let me pick your brain ?

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